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Managed Services is a great way to keep your IT costs in line with your budget and give you immediate access to specialized IT skills.
Our managed services consist of a small piece of software that monitors your system’s health and security. It uses very little system resources and has many security layers to protect your system. We monitor your system in real time to protect you from hackers and Denial of Service Attacks. It will also check to make sure your virus protection is up to date and that all security patches are installed.
It will check all of your hardware and software errors and alert someone as soon as an error has occurred. Depending on your service level agreement, we will correct your issues or work with your IT staff to keep small issues from becoming an expensive repair.
If an onsite technician is needed your Service Level Agreement can protect you from huge emergency service charges by locking in a cost effective labor rate and response time. Your Service level agreement can be custom tailored to fit anyone’s needs and budget.
You will see many large corporate offerings, but buyer-beware! If the entry level staff cannot fix your issue they will charge you $100.00 + dollars per hour to dispatch a contractor to your site. Many of the large corporate MSP send us their irreparable system issues. Often the business or home user is very frustrated with being on the phone for 3-5 hours and plugging cables in and out. Most times after this the diagnosed problem was not even the issue. We recently were sent on a call to a site and were told the unit has several major viruses and no data is savable on the system. This was after 3 and a half hours of working with them on the phone. That was not the case and we had the system up and running properly in 25 minutes.
Call us today and try our system free of charge for 30 days!
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